Final Grading and Sod Being Laid

November 25th, 2008 - It's freezing every night and we've had a couple of light snows in the last week, so it is with great relief that I report we've begun doing the final outside work consisting of dry well and sump/drain hook up, final grading, and sod placement over 4" of pulverized, screened black dirt.

The siders finished and moved out Wednesday the 19th. The inside trim has been installed and is being painted, along with the walls (already primed).

Most importantly, we found a landscaping service that was willing to dig our dry-well, trench the backyard drain and sump connection to the well, grade the lot to the approved engineering spec (multiple spots measured for drainage pitch and elevation per approved grading plan). The work was started today -- the well was dug and filled with large stone and a trench was dug to connect to our house sump pump and backyard swaled drain. The over-dig areas were filled in and the front yard leveled in preparation for the black dirt.

When the sod is down I'll take a final set of pictures of the outside (no landscaping shrubs / plants till spring though).

Once the civil engineer approves the lot improvements we can petition the village for a return of our $14000 parkway work and residence grading completion deposit.

We expect the fireplace mantel work to be done by Friday (stained oak 96 inches high, with the mantel board at 67 inches). The tile for the fireplace will be applied tomorrow, I believe.

The island cabinet's surrounding pillars have been wrapped in poplar and will be painted an enamel white. the cabinet is stained tawny oak (a dark oak). The solid surface tops for the island cabinet, kitchen cabinets, and laundry cabinets is just now being cut and will be scheduled for installation sometime in the next 10 days.

Pat and I have purchased all the fans and light fixtures. The electricans will install them soon.

We've also brought the 3 vanity tops to the site and these will be set sometime soon.

Things are moving forward, but my sense is that we will not be ready to move in by Christmas; there are just too many finish items that will take up the remaining month's time to Christmas. It's OK, we are seeing the house come together and it takes as long as it takes...

Here are some current pictures.

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