John, Kat, and Arya's Companion Tyrion Passed Away Today

(posted 10/13/22) - Kat called to say that Tryion their family dog of over 9 years passed away today. He'd been coping with a neck tumor that was growing and slowing sapping him of energy. Kat said that in the last two days he'd stopped eating and couldn't rise to his feet.

The vet that had been treating him for months came out and euthanized him in their home. I drove up to visit them in Madison almost two weeks ago and got to walk him over to his favorite dog park. He got to see all his friends there and though he couldn't run he certainly enjoyed smelling and greeting all the other dogs.

A few years back Kat created a nice photo collage of Arya and Tyrion which I thought would make a final tribute to a really great family dog. The MP4 video link is here .

The photo images bring back some great memories. Gonna miss that dog; he was a very good friend to our Tom for almost 6 years. They spent a lot of time together (and travelled in our car to Vero Beach back in 2017).

Time to rest now Tyrion -- God Bless.