I've Created a BraveNet Page About My Musical Evolution

(posted 3/8/23) - I've maintained an account with BraveNet for about 25 years. It was an early free-hosting website I used to support the Hurt Families website back in the late 90's. They contacted me recently and said since I was not active (website was removed in 2002) they were going to deactivate my account unless I created a new site.

I decided to document the last 20 plus years of my musical evolution by creating a web-page which is linked here and also as an offsite link - About My Music. I wanted to maintain my BraveNet account because I have a Hurt Families picture album still active and because I've been meaning to document my growth as a music producer for a while now; two birds with one stone!

I haven't created anything new in 2023 but hope to publish more music this year. If you are interested in listening to some past compositions they are listed on our Media Library page as two albums totaling 32 tracks. Hope you enjoy listening!

If you wish to leave a comment just go to my new web-site and click on the Guestbook / Comments link (bottom of page).

Jon Wallace