Jon and Pat Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary

(posted 8/6/2022) - It really doesn't seem that long ago that I'd just been discharged from the Army and had ask Pat to marry me (spoiler alert she said yes!). I'd already applied to and been accepted at UIC and would spend the next years using up those wonderful GI-Bill benefits and getting a degree in Computer Systems Engineering.

What a non-linear set of recollections I have of all those years between 1972 and 2022. I have to say they are all memories I treasure and would never change in any way. The stars aligned (or Pat pushed them around a bit) and both our kids and grand-kids were able to help us celebrate our 50th anniversary this July. Kudos to Matt for a last minute reservation at a local Glen Ellyn eatery that Pat and I knew nothing about (Covid restrictions in 2020 - 2021 sort of took us out of social play). It's called Maize and Mash (extensive and expensive Whisky selections available besides really great food). We ask our waiter to take a picture of us after dessert and the picture below is the (perfect) result. What a great evening!

Pat and I indulged ourselves for our 50th anniversary by ordering a monogrammed set of champaign flutes. But as the anniversary date got closer and the dealer was having trouble getting the supply (from Europe) we covered our bets and ordered our second choice which was US based. Turns out about a week after our anniversary the back-ordered flutes became available so we bought them too! The photo below shows each of the flute styles we now have (in pairs).