A Solution for Ejector Pump Float Switch Failures

(posted 3/21/2022) - After two float switch related failures in 12 years of service for our basement waste ejector pump (A submersible Zoeller 1/2 HP, 2 inch outlet pump with a mechanical float and switch activator) I decided to go the same route as with my sump pumps: I bought an Ion X-one pump (lower power consumption) which uses an integrated solid state pressure switch with a piggy-back plug and an alarm/status indicator at the wall plug.

The new pump hopefully eliminates the most common failure mode in waste-pit submersibles - the float switch (a mechanical contactor that is submerged). The solid state pressure switch senses water pressure and closes a circuit in the unit plugged into the wall to connect power to the piggy-backed pump power plug.

Here's a link to the manufacturer's website. I've had two 1/3 HP Ion sump-pumps in my pit for 12 years now without a failure. They use the same pressure switch as I'm now installing in my waste pit. Hopefully no more problems. Plus now if the motor fails and the water level rises 2-inches above high point an audible alarm sounds from the controller so I won't be surprised by an overflowing waste pit. That has happened twice with the Zoeller mechanical float system.