Fuel Prices in 2022

(posted 3/20/2022_) - It just makes me grind my teeth whenever I hear a Fox Pundit, or any of the many Republican Pols talking about "the Biden Administration Policies that have caused fuel prices to soar." Not because I'm surprised that folks who's careers revolve around bashing democratic policies would take that position, but because without fail I soon begin seeing posts on social media from my rural kin echoing a rather smug "FJB" sentiment.

Here is counter-point from the Washington Post; and there are myriad studies that clearly explain the nature of the global petro-markets. For some folks it is easier to just 'know' things than to try and learn about a complex subject. Humanity would make me cry if it all wasn't so damn funny, really.

Here is a link to a PDF of the Washington Post op-ed. It's a two minute read but is a decent summary of why directing ire at the administration over rising fuel prices is probably misplaced.

Here is a link to an article in The Guardian (US) that explains (to me anyway) why there is so much animosity toward Democrats in office these days by those who claim the Republican party as there own.

Comic relief link excerpt from Jimmy Kimmel sendup of Talking Head and Trump sycophant Sean Hannity. It says so much about what passes for punditry on the right these days.