Grandparenting Is Really Fun

(Posted 10-8-2018) - The older I get the more I enjoy being a grandparent. Watching your children become parents and seeing them through the eyes of both parent and grandparent brings a special poignancy to one's life.

I look forward to every holiday more than ever. These are often the time of family gatherings and grandchildren bring with them such a wonderfully fresh perspective! Across generations I see birthdays, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Christmas, and New Years Eve over-layed with memories from my childhood, from my time as a young parent, and now as a grandparent observing my children and my children's children.

Nothing is more fulfilling to a grandparent than the belief that their children and their grandchildren are in harmony with their lives. I feel blessed by life.

When you see an older couple with young ones walking together on a street decorated in festive colors and lights -- I always think Christmas Time -- those are likely grandparents who are experiencing some of the most enjoyable moments of their lives.

There are of course many ways to reach harmony with life; but one of the easiest and most natural is to spend time with your grandchildren.