Pat Retires as Bookkeeper after 23 years: Leslie Closes Their Doors

(posted 12/11/2021) - Pat started working at Leslie Car Wash in fall of 1998 as their bookkeeper. She retired this year; as the business also closed its doors for good.

Leslie Car Wash has operated for the past 57 years as a full-service car wash, auto-detailer, truck rental, and dent-repair business. They have provided fleet wash services for the Wheaton and Glen Ellyn police and maintained a large wash club membership. They will be missed by the local residents. Increased lease costs and falling revenues due to an explosion of competing gas-station mini-washes ultimately pushed the owners to close the operation.

In honor of Leslie Car Wash I've grabbed a bunch of still images off their now closed website and put them together into a collage - with a composition I call Leslie Blues to send them off musically.

The link is here to the mp4 video file Enjoy!