Foundation Pour Complete - Ready for Backfill

July 16th, 2008 - Thursday the 10th the concrete crew set the foundation wall forms in place. They came back the next day and poured the walls. After almost 4-days of curing, they returned Monday, the 14th and stripped the forms. We have beautiful 10" thick, straight foundation walls!

The crew then scaled the new concrete, cut out the slots for the structural steel beams, mounted 3 galvanized steel window wells and connected the window well PVC drains to the drain tile that runs all the way around the foundation footings.

Then they called in their damp-proofing crew who sprayed the foundation walls with a bituminous product to create a water-proof membrane. The sprayer mixes chopped up fibreglass to insure the product sticks well to the wall.

Finally, they fastened sheets of insulating styrofoam to the walls to insure that the walls won't suffer frost damage during the winter.

Below are photos of the foundation in forms followed by the completed foundation ... she's a beauty, isn't she?

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