We Lease an Apartment in Preparation for Demolition

May 8th, 2008 - The permit application packages were finally submitted to the village of Glen Ellyn Wednesday April 30th. A village engineer toured our property May 5th and spoke with Pat - who explained we had lived here 31 years and were planning to live in the new home that is to be constructed over the demolished site.

Today we talked with our GC about what we need to be doing in preparation for demolition (the village will not issue a permit until these conditions are met.

Here are links to the Village of Glen Ellyn Demolition Certificate , check list for demolition , and certificate of utilities disconnection . The certificates must be completed before a demolition permit will be issued by the village Planning and Development board.

We are targetting end of May to have all our utilities properly turned off and our demolition plan approved. When the village puts out a public notice of the demolition there is a one-month interval before it can be scheduled to allow for any affected parties to respond.

We signed a rental lease today for an apartment in the Birkshires complex about a half-mile from our current home. We will be moving into the apartment over the next 3-weeks so that we can shut down the utilities in May.

We expect that by May 12th we should receive village input on our proposed demolition and construction.

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