Thoughts on the Global Superclass

(posted 4/8/2008) - I was impressed by an article written by David Rothkopf and published in Newsweek this month. It follows on the heels of his recently published book "Superclass" and journals how control of resources is moving from nation-states into the hands of about 6000 individuals (the superclass). It is a strong argument that we need governments which increasingly invest themselves in oversite of our international businesses; lest we soon wake up to a world in which 6000 people effectively control the economic lives of everyone else on the planet.

Though his article was not overtly negative with regard to the concentration of power within so small a community of mostly cacuasian males, he provided facts and journalled events that caused shivers to run down my spine.

My conclusion is that as the globalization of markets continues to distill out a power-broker superclass numbering around 6000, we will need dramatically increased national government oversite to protect the remaining 6.5 billion of us from exploitation.

I suggest you read about this power phenomenon -- here is a linkto the 5 page article.

We have a presidential election coming soon -- choose your candidate carefully if you believe the superclass needs to be moderated.

It is clear that George Bush and the former Republican controlled congress took a non-interference oath with regard to regulatory oversite (especially financial markets). What do you want the new President and Congress to do?