Leif Johnson Ford in Austin, TX Little Shop of Horrors

(posted 6/1/2005) - My son took his 92 Ford Ranger into Leif Johnson to have the starter replaced. While on the lift the brake-line mysteriously broke and when my son left the dealership the pedal went to the floor.

What can you think when a truck goes in with no brake problems, for a simple starter motor replacement, and comes out undrivable? You'd think the dealer would at least say, oh, by the way, watch out 'cause the brakes don't work anymore.

My son almost learned the hardway that you need to check your vehicle carefully before driving it, even when you've just written a $480 check to your friendly Leif Johnson Ford Dealer.

When Matt returned the vehicle the dealer denied any responsibility for the mishap, claiming 'it was just a coincidence' that the truck had brakes when it went up on the lift, and had a broken brake line when it came back down; it was all due to that nasty rust around the brake fitting.

Now, here's the kicker, I sigh and say to the shop manager on the telephone, OK, how much to replace the brake line? His response? Oh, we don't want to do the work, 'cause its so rusty under there! A Ford dealer who doesn't wanna work on a Ford Truck? That must be one of the signs of the apocalypse.

I ended up calling another local Ford Dealer and asking Leif and friends to tow the vehicle there.

Oh, those rascally 'wabbits!.