Pat Has a Smart Phone!

(posted 7/8/2012) - Pat is officially hip; she just got a Samsung Galaxy Nexus smart phone! In addition, Matt helped her quickly get up to speed on the best features and apps on this Android 4.0 based device.

Pat is visiting Matt, Holly, Payton, and Rudy in Round Rock this weekend. Payton will be 7-months old this month -- and she is really growing up fast.

Pat emailed me a picture she took of the family using her Nexus' built in camera. I know this only because I checked her email's JPG file EXIM info to confirm it was taken using a Samsung Nexus. So Pat has officially entered the smartphone picture taking population. I expect to see zillions of photos of Payton from her visit.

Did I mention the Nexus also takes HD video? I feel so old with my little cell-phone that does nothing but make voice calls and receive text messages!

As usual you may click on the small image to see the full sized version in a separate window. Enjoy your visit Pat!

Update: Added a 2 minute video Pat took of Payton playing with her rings. Notice that she took the video in portrait mode - 'cause that's the natural way to hold the smartphone ... I down converted it to 480x854 so it's only a 12mbyte wmv file.

Click to download and view.