We Got Snow Smacked!

(Posted 2/3/2011) - Tuesday afternoon the blizzard started and kept up all night long. By Wednesday morning when the snow stopped we had an additional 20" of the white stuff on top of the four inches already on the ground.

The weather persons are saying this is the third largest storm in 50 years. We even had lightning and thunder during the blizzard (so called thunder-snow) which produced extra accumulation. Welcome to Chicago lake effects!

This shot was taken Wednesday morning from the upstairs bedroom window -- that lamp-post is 7-feet tall. The 24 inches of snow kinda hides the rock-garden and the driveway!

By the way you can click on these thumb-nail images to view the larger full image. I love snow when I don't have to shovel it out of my driveway.

The backyard was like a personal snow park for Tommy. He couldn't wait to go out and bound through the snow. He looked like a gazel leaping around; and checked every corner of the backyard for hidden critters under the snow (didn't find any though).

We couldn't figure out a way to harness Tommy's energy so Pat and I had to tag-team shoveling the front sidewalk, and a single car width of the driveway out to the street. After on and off work that lasted the whole day we finally reached the street.

Off course the following morning (today) we found that the street plows had closed off the end of our driveway with a 3-foot wall. We worked for another 45-minutes to gain access. Hopefully, the plows are done and it will stay open.

For those of you in friendlier climes -- don't be too smug, global warming may get us all in the end!