Matt, Holly, and Rudy Move to Austin

(Posted 1/9/2011) - Matt accepted a new position with Dell Computers based in Austin, TX over the holidays. He starts work Monday the 10th. After enjoying a last Christmas celebration and New Years revel, they packed up their belongings (well actually the movers did) and said adios to their home of 2+ years in Roscoe Village.

They left Rudy with us Tuesday and spent Wednesday and Thursday at their Condo while the movers first boxed then loaded all of their stuff. By Thursday afternoon their Condo was bare to the walls.

Matt and Holly then did some patching and paint touch-ups, and cleaning to get their place ready for the Real Estate agent to show it (they already have a bite -- so let's hope for a quick sale)!

They got back here around 6PM so we ordered a nice take-out meal from Macaroni Grill in Naperville and drove over to my mom's place for a farewell dinner.

Friday morning bright and early the kid's loaded up their car and hit the road. When they got into their apartment in Austin Saturday they gave us a call.

We already miss 'em, and Tom especially misses Rudy. Maybe we'll be able to drive down for a visit later this year. Good luck with your new job Matt!

Here's a link to a short video I took of Rudy in our back yard just before he and the kids took off for the Texas hill country.