Matt and Holly are Married!

(Posted 8/28/2010) - On Friday, August 27th, Matt Wallace and Holly Blair were married at the Ravenswood Event Center in Chicago.

It was a perfect early Fall evening and as the sun neared the horizon the minister led the couple in their vows. The ceremony was immediately followed by a great meal and much merriment. We had the hall till midnight; and everyone danced and talked the evening away!

As I've become accustomed to doing I brought along a small video / still camera and captured the ceremony for posterity (5 minutes of video).

Here is a link to a windows media file of the event. It is about 125 megabytes and will download before playing -- so if you have a slow internet connection this is not a link for you ...


PS -- Betty Blair took lots of pictures at the wedding too ... Here is a link to a slideshow of her photos.