Rudy the Dog Moves in with Matt and Holly

(Posted 3/22/2009) - Matt and Holly have adopted a one year old Lab-Beagle mix named Rudy and the new pack seems to be doing very well.

On their way back from picking up Rudy at a kennel in Kankakee Matt and Holly stopped by to introduce us to their new family member. Rudy met his 'uncle' Strider and enjoyed his first visit to Glen Ellyn's Village Green Park. He possess some strong retriever genes because he likes playing Frisbee and catches a ball quite well (though the release part still needs a little work).

The first night in his new home is reported to have been un-traumatic. Everyone in the household got a good nights sleep.

Following are some photos Matt took yesterday -- welcome to your new pack Rudy!

PS -- Here are some more pictures I just got from the kids today. Looks like everyone is enjoying themselves!