Christmas Tidings from the Wallaces - 2007

(Posted 12/28/2007) - Matt flew in the Friday before Christmas and stayed through the 27th. Kathy and Nate flew in on the 26th after visiting Nate's family in Connecticut. We all had a nice Boxing Day Christmas Dinner at Outback SteakHouse, then did a near Midnight gift opening.

Dad got some really nice sweaters from the kids; Mom got an Alpha N3B Mil-spec -30 degree rated Parka that will definitely keep her warm when she's out walking the dog (with me) this winter. The kids also got her a Band Anthology DVD/CD set and an historical novel on the Bolin family (they regularly lost their heads).

Matt got some great Wii games, tons of non-fiction books, and tickets to a Shakespeare play for himself and Holly so they won't be so bored in Dallas.

Kat got cool new boots, purses, scarves, and makeup stuff, as well as .... can you guess, Shakespeare play tickets for herself and Nate, so they won't be bored in Seattle.

Nate got Itunes and an Ipod dockable clock radio so he can wake to his favorite music each morning.

Strider, as always, got .... Tennis Balls!

Ok, gifts are fun, but the real joy is just having everyone together so we can catch up on what the others are doing. Matt is still hoping to find a way to work out of Chicago -- but expects that it will be at least a year before that has any hope of happening. He and Holly are sort of circling in Dallas waiting for an opportunity to relocate (Austin, Tx is another possibility).

Kathy really enjoyed meeting Nate's family and had a very special Christmas. Nate hadn't visited his family for a couple of years, so it was a great reunion for everyone.

Thursday, after we dropped Matt off at O'Hare Airport we all headed into Chicago, using the Garmin Nuvi that Matt had got Dad for his birthday. It took us right to the Briar Street Theatre on North Clark, where Kathy had bought us all tickets to the 5PM showing of the Blue Man Group. It was a blast -- we got into the audience participation thing and were yelling and screaming like kids. The show was impressive!

We had a tasty dinner at a local Mexican restaurant, El Jardin and even found great parking (not easy in the city).

Friday Kathy treated Nate to a luxury Spa gift in Naperville, and during his tune-up, went to visit friends she hasn't seen in a year and a half.

Our family reunions epitomise the old saw "absence makes the heart grow fonder." We don't have to see each other every day to carry the others around in our thoughts and in our hearts. Then when we meet we pick up right where we left off the last time we met.

A great 2007 for all of us -- and looking forward to a beautiful 2008.