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(Posted 09/26/07) - After publishing an American sports oriented webzine titled Knuckleballers for 6 months in the fall of 2005 Matt Wallace and his fellow 20's something co-contributers fell prey to the demands of their day jobs. Knuckleballers languished with no new content being submitted. Matt removed the web-content (about 40 articles) in mid-2007.

I'm happy to announce that he and fellow writer Dan Wiederer have decided to enter the web-log scene and have begun offering their views on sports at

Where Knuckleballers was an outlet for 8 sports enthusiasts to vent their spleens and wax poetic on base, basket, and foot-ball greats current and past, SpinMoves appears to be more thoughtful and analytical in its initial postings.

Matt enjoyed acting as format / content editor for Knuckleballers, but confided that it was a challenge to take in multiple submissions each week and prepare them for publication. This was in large part due to the content formatting required.

SpinMoves uses the Web-Log (Blog) paradigm, with some pretty sophisticated features provided by the B2Evolution script engine and SQL Database interface offered under GNU licensing agreement. The result is that Matt and Dan are now able to submit their articles via front-end forms that enable creative formatting with clickable icons. Even authors who are not versed in XHTML can achieve creative formatting almost immediately.

Good luck Matt and Dan, I hope your new adventure is as fullfilling (if not as time consuming) as was Knuckleballers!