A Visit to Kat in Seattle

(Posted 6/23/2006) - Installation of a Wireless Router, Photo-Printer, and Webcam were the perfect excuse to visit Kathy in Seattle, Washington this week.

I found Seattle a wonderful city with lots to see and do. The weather was ideal, sunny and in the mid-70's during the daytime, dropping into the high 50's at night.

I flew out Sunday morning (the 18th) arriving at Kat's apartment around 11:30AM. We spent the afternoon enjoying the city (everything was in walking distance).

I especially enjoyed the Farmer's Market which sits just off the Sound on the West side of the city, south of Kat's apartment.

We walked north of the city to the Space Needle, where there is also a very interesting museum complex. While there we visited the Science Fiction museum and the EMP, which contains virtually every Seattle Band's picture and video history, as well as a collection of their instruments.

The public is invited to play on provided keyboards, guitar, bass, and drums, and may record on premise if the mood strikes -- there being a full recording studio and stage for impromptu performances.

We did the 'Ducks Tour' which involves an hilarious ride around Seattle and nearby Lake Union in a World War II amphibious vehicle (it carries about 30 people).

After touring the streets of Seattle and seeing lots of local color, the Duck just drives into the lake and off we go touring the busy waterfront scene. This includes a drive by the Tom Hank's home on the water, from Sleepless in Seattle. We even got mooned by a drunk guest on a house-boat as we toured the lake.

The best part of the tour was driving through downtown Seattle singing YMCA by the village people. It was surprising to me how many native Seattle folks waved and joined in as our driver blaired out music over his PA system. Seems Seattle has not become jaded and can still laugh along with the wacky tourists.

We also got a nifty photo (with life-preserver) before we rode the Ducks out on our 60 minute adventure. All in all a fun afternoon.

A warning though, even in summer it gets chilly on the water, so bring a light jacket and if you decide to wear a cap make sure to hold on tight as you go careening down the hillsides at almost 50 MPH in an open vehicle!

After installing the wireless router, printer, and webcam Monday morning we video-chatted with Jan Wallace, Matt and Pat Wallace, and then took off for another day of touring.

Kathy's friend Nathan (AKA Nate) joined us and the three of us visited the local haunts. I especially enjoyed touring the 'Seattle Underground' which is a sub street level guided tour covering several blocks which have been maintained after the Seattle fire. That fire resulted in the city being rebuilt OVER the ruins of the previous street level.

On Tuesday, Kat and I went to the Seattle Space Needle and had a most excellent dinner. The restaurant sits about 600 feet above the city, and provides an excellent view. It slowly rotates, one revolution per hour.

The food is expensive but very well presented and of very good quality. Service was excellent. If you've got the opportunity I highly recommend the experience.

Wednesday we took the bus to Alki and viewed the Seattle skyline from across the sound. After a beautiful afternoon, I packed my things and said goodbye. A 35 minute bus ride to SeaTac International airport and I was heading back home.

Thanks to Kat and to Nate for providing an insiders view of Seattle. The weather, the people, and the town made for a great visit.