Samwise Gamgee is Coming to Glen Ellyn

(posted 10/20/2020) - Last Sunday we drove up to Oshkosh, Wisconsin to look at three almost 5-week old Labrador Pups. They were all beautiful little guys. When we were introduced one padded over to a bush and started eating leaves, another headed for the gate on the patio, but Samwise walked over to us and made eye-contact. That was all it took. He's the smallest of the 3 male pups but seemed the most human focused, with a nice calm puppy energy.

We will go back to pick him up in 18 days (a Saturday); driving the 190+ miles back to Oshkosh and his home at the Gypsy Miracle Kennels (a hunting dog family farm).

When we visited last weekend we took some photos (of course). I've grabbed images Pat put up on facebook and shared them below. Remember he's not yet 5-weeks so he's still a small tyke. Pat and I are looking forward to having a Lab back in our home!

Sammy is our 5th Labrador (1977 Sasha, 1987 Tolkien, 1997 Strider, 2009 Tom). Sasha was so named because Pat was studying the Russian Language at the time and a Russian name seemed to fit. Tolkien was named after author of Lord of the Rings - JRR Tolkien because we were reading LOTR to the kids at the time and it was a big part of our family rituals. We continued the theme over the years Strider (LOTR King Aragorn's Ranger name) and Tom Bombadil (master of the Old Forest). Sammy is for Samwise Gamgee (Frodo's constant companion throughout the Ring Quest).

Postscrpt - 11/8/2020 Here are some pictures taken Sunday the day after we brought Sammy home. Arya and Kat came over for a bit to see the new pup. Everyone had a wonderful time. I was pleasantly surprised at how well Sammy and Arya played together. Love at first sight!