JPEGCrops - Automated Image Cropping Freeware Utility

(Posted 11/22/07) - We all own image editing software, but often you need to quickly change the aspect ratio of a whole directory of pictures to fit a display format. I'm not talking about resizing, but cropping dimensions.

I've found a really great freeware utility under GNU license for MS Windows systems, called jpegcrops which lets you select a default cropping ratio to be applied to all images you select. To quickly process a directory of images you select-all and open. Thumbnails appear with a crop-rectangle pre-centered in each picture. If it looks OK as is, click the crop button by the thumbnail and the cropped image is created in your specified destination directory (has auto-naming feature too). You can drag the crop window frame up/down or left/right on the thumbnail image if need be, while it keeps a constant aspect-ratio.

This is a great utility and is really fast. Here is a more complete description of the tool. Just click on the "vist their website" link on the description page to go to the providers site to download the latest stable version.

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