Man Flying - People Can Learn to Do the Impossible

(Posted 8/28/2011) - A modern Daedalus leaps from a mountain peak and cruises down through the cragged passes and into a shadowed tree lined valley at over a 100MPH in a free-fall suit that gives just enough lift to keep him from smacking into the ground at terminal velocity.

At the end of the 'ride' he pops his chute and floats to the ground with the comment 'Well, I came extremely close on that one!' Watch for the scene that warrants this comment - as he bombs over a ridge at 100mph+ and about 8 feet above the ground!

These kinds of videos have convinced me that the human body and mind can join to accomplish physical feats that should be (and are) impossible for 99.999% of the population -- but for a few a vision and intense practice lead them to super-human feats, to wit: