Arianna Huffington Focuses on the Real WikiLeaks Issue

(Posted 12/16/2010) - Whether you are socially progressive or a conservative; policially left or on the right, as a rational person, you should read Arianna's article which gets to the heart of the WikiLeaks controversy.

There are literally hundreds of articles being written daily about the 'dumping' of 'uncensored' secret US State Department cable content into the public domain by WikiLeaks.

Ask anyone on the street who reads a paper, or listens to broadcast news / opinion makers -- the debate is all about the rightness or wrongness of making public information the US government has declared secret.

Very little of the media noise seems to focus on the facts; which revolve around specific WikiLeaks publications of documents containing state department personnel's assessment of the efficacy of ongoing US committments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

So, read the article, and draw your own conclusions -- but I think the points Arianna makes are sound and worth giving some serious thought.

Reference: Arianna Huffington Editorial on WikiLeaks.