I'm Preparing Mentally for the Golf Season

(Posted 4/14/2004) - I stopped practicing golf the year before last -- I snapped two clubs practicing in 2002 (one of the dangers of practicing by yourself is that one can get kinda depressed after too many errant shots). I really started enjoying golf a lot more once I gave up the practicing and paid more attention to the playing.

I find it very funny that when I'm out playing with others, I'm generally of good cheer and enjoying myself, even when the balls don't find the fairway or green.

Put me by myself 'practicing' and suddenly the fun is gone, and every string of bad shots is god's way of telling me I'm an uncoordinated jerk -- you know the paranoia any wannabe gets when they think they'll never improve at something because they 'just don't have it.'

Well the answer for all of us who find ourselves in this mental predicament -- is just do what is fun, play, don't practice. Play with focus and heart, and feel free to think about it afterwards, but not while the game is afoot.

My scores have come down, and my enjoyment level is way up, now that I don't 'practice.' Be mediocre and have fun is my motto now.