Cheap, Full Service Web-Hosting has Arrived!

(4/12/2004) - Competition and technology price reductions have driven down the cost of full-service webhosting

On top of that, creation of sub-domains, support for Server Side Includes and CGI-wrapped private scripts, not to mention Secure Socket Layers services were often 'additional' priced features.

The new day dawns -- after getting really depressed with the downward spiral of service from the free hosting side of the Utah based Prohosting WebHosts, I recently went online and browsed for a replacement free or low-cost host. Wow - have times changed!

There were lots of free-hosts that required users' sites to display their ad-banners, others that required site-users to visit paid advertiser sites on a regular basis to keep their 'free' priviledges, and some 'toy' webhosts that didn't allow SSI, SSL, private scripting, etc, and allowed only 10MBytes or so of storage.

But in the arena of robust web-hosting for under $10/month there are literally hundreds of competitors now. I ended up signing up with EhostPros, a young California based hosting service that charges $3/month for hosting, with all the bells and whistles (go to their site and check it out, if you're curious).

They require a domain subscription -- but instead of the old $20-25, it was discounted to $12/year. So, now you can visit us at, I can generate subdomains as needed (for free), and it all currently costs $47/year. Goodbye to the nuisance of low service free hosting, I'm off to low-cost, high feature cheap-hosting!