Kathy Wallace Working at CowGirls, Inc. in Seattle, WA

(posted 4/10/2005) - Kathy tried out for an opening as choreographer for the CowGirls, Inc. dancers in Seattle and was offered a job. The position also requires that she train to become a bartender.

The CowGirls, Inc. Bar is a controlled-rowdy bar, where the bartenders are all women (a 45-foot long bar fronts one wall). Straight out of the Coyote-Ugly movie set, the bartenders and waitresses put on a dance-review every couple of hours guaranteed to liven up the Pioneer Square crowds in Seattle.

Kathy says she works out the dance moves and works with the dancers to synch up everyone's style and timing. Serving drinks also pays pretty well, I guess.

Here's a link to a local review of CowGirls, Inc.

We wish you the best Kat.