One Man Band (OMB 11) Converts Yamaha PSR Style Files to Midi Which Can Be Directly Converted to JammerPro 6 Styles

(posted 2/18/2015) - So JammerPro Vers. 6 was released in 2006 and has languished as a product (no more development). It is a great MIDI composing application with several hundred musical styles available that allow some really nice musical compositions to be created quickly. It has the ability to convert any Midi sequence (usually in one measure chunks) into a named style file to which one can then add further midi 'riffs' along with weights and rules for how to compose the actual midi events into melodic, chord, and percussive sequences.

The problem has been that JammerPro users would prefer to build on the shoulders of other composers rather than create each style from scratch. Yamaha has published literally tens of thousands of style files for their PSR / Tyros lines of arranger keyboards. The format for these file is not readable by JammerPro and many a user has moved on from JammerPro because of this lack. Now I've found a workaround!

I recently installed One Man Band version 11 (aka OMB 11). It was developed to compose / arrange using Yamaha style files. The feature that intrigued me was its ability to convert a Yamaha Style (files with extension of "sty") to a Midi file of type "mid." This conversion creates a linear series of midi events for all the style instrument voices grouped by intro, fill, main, and ending (with text markers indicating which measures are for which style component). It's a one-step conversion (from sty -> mid).

I then load the newly created midi file into JammerPro and look at the Measures view. It shows all the parts (Intro, Main, Fill, Ending) and how many measures each occupies. I just need to select a measure (or measures) and click on Style->Midi2Style: JammerPro creates a named style with one riff. I can take all the component Parts (A, B, C, D) and add them as separate riffs to the new JammerPro style using the built in JammerPro Style Editor then save the new JammerPro style .... viola a new style that I can compose with (Drums, Bass, Rythmn, and even Leads).

So for all you old JammerPro users who gave up years ago you can start building up custom Jammer Styles quickly and easily now by downloading those free Yamaha style files and converting them for your Jammer composer to use!