You Should Read This Vox Interview (Klein / Obama)

(posted 2/18/2015) - Vox has published an interview with President Obama, done by two journalists I respect, Ezra Klein and Matthew Yglesias.

Ezra interviews the president on Domestic Policy. Matthew's interview is on Foreign Policy. The questions are pertinent to our future and are phrased to elicit real answers not boiler-plate responses. I was impressed with the breadth and the depth of understanding shown in the president's responses.

I only wish that conservative and libertarian minded folks could suppress their visceral reactions to what they think of as "liberal" thought long enough to consider the rationale for the common sense progressive agenda this president espouses.

I've grabbed the interview (both parts) and have copied the web-content to my personal archive. The links to my archive are here (Domestic Policy Interview) and here (Foreign Policy Interview).

I archived the interview because online news links have been known to disappear when their web-journal layouts are redesigned. I wanted to keep this seminal interview directly accessible for future reference.

I've found it enjoyable to peruse my own and others op-eds and archived news events from the perspective of years in the future. It would probably benefit us all to periodically examine not our memories of what we believed and said in the past, but the actual content; my soapbox has allowed me to do that for almost a decade.