Sunny Arizona High Country Land For Sale - East of Show Low Arizona!

(Posted 4/19/04)- When Pat and I visited Pine-Top, AZ we also stopped by and photographed a residential lot my mother owns outside Show Low. It is for sale -- cheap! See the description and photos. Note - Click on any picture to enlarge it.

One of the reasons we drove out to PineTop, AZ last year was because my mom had purchased several acres of land (two lots zoned residential and one zoned commercial) quite a few years before. She'd never seen the properties, and had bought them for a few hundered bucks as a speculative investment. We promised we'd find the lots and take a few pictures.

We first went to the Apache County Recorders office in St. Johns and got directions to the lots in Show Low and Sanders. It took a bit of scouting, but we found 'em. Included here are some shots we took of the Show Low residential lot.

This lot is outside Show Low, off Route 61, just after the SitGreaves National Forest ends (about 15 miles outside of town). The land is located 1.5 miles north of route 61, on county road 8014 (at BearClaw Drive). The county and subdivision roads are all dirt, and the county roads in this neck of the high-country meander through open range with curious cattle all about. This bovine looks like a mix of Swiss-Charlet and Longhorn to me.

The Show Low Paradise Estates division sits on the top of a hill facing the White Mountains to the far south. It is pretty much undeveloped, but the few homes that were there had utilities, dirt roads (with street signs), and garbage pickup service because we saw refuse containers out for pickup.

Here's a photo of a typical residence, a single-wide prefab home. The area was clean, but sparcely populated. Looked like the development never got to critical mass.

Here's the north side of the road (opposite my mom's lot). There's a water-hole for the free-range cattle. The ranch extends north to a rise about a mile away. No fences here folks!

This is a view of the lot, which is on the south side of Bear Claw drive, and the second property east of County road 8014. The one+ acre parcel rises gently to the south with the hill crest blocking a view of the White Mountains.

The lot just to the west has a for-sale sign posted. Her nearest neighbor is a double-wide prefab about a thousand feet west (six lots over).

Update: 10/10/2005 -- Property has been sold for $2000
If you'd like a nice private place to vacation during the winter, or to retire for year round Arizona high country living, this could be yours for $1900 plus a small title transfer fee (via simple land sale deed, and registration fee with Apache county recorder).

Property Description Record Keys: 1.09 acres identified as parcel 107-15-449 (at SHOW LOW PARADISE UNIT 1 LOT 449) in the Apache County Recorder's Office records.

Here is the Apache County Recorder's Office link and a link to the county assessor's record for the lot (parcel #107-15-449), if you'd like to look into this further.