Janice Wallace Photos Circa 1938-1948

This is a collection of photos from my mom's 'shoe-box' of pictures. I picked shots that started when she was about 17 on through until just after I was born.

I think my mom's years in the WAVES was a special time for her. She made a lot of new friends, got married, got divorced, and had a baby -- mostly while stationed in the (then) territory of Hawaii.

She was a petit officer first class when she separated from the Navy -- but continued as a civilian aviation-navigation instructor for a time in Hawaii.

After she returned to the states in late 1948 with me in tow she was requested by the department of defense to move to Maryland and begin up-training WWII pilots for celestial navigation and radio marker based navigation (some of the non-visual flight rules of today evolved from this effort). My earliest memories (3-4 years of age) are from living in Virginia and Maryland while my mom was a civilian navigation trainer for the DOD.