Matt, Holly, and Payton Visit Memorial Day Weekend

(posted 6/1/2012) - Matt and Holly flew in with 5-month old daughter Payton last weekend. Matt was best-man at a childhood friend's wedding and we got the benefit of seeing them and our grand-daughter for several days!

Payton is a wonderful kid and a pleasure to be around. She and Tom the Dog got along from the moment they met. We think Tom reminds Payton of their family dog Rudy.

Great-grandma Jan got to meet Payton and agrees she is adorable. I made an HD video of Payton but at over half a gigabyte had to cut it back to this low-resolution version for the internet.

We all look forward to seeing Matt, Holly, and Payton again over the Labor Day weekend. If all goes well they'll be attending the Hurt Reunion this year!

Click on the image to download and view the video.