A Pleasant Thanks Giving Day at Home

(posted 11/25/2011) - My mom came over yesterday afternoon to celebrate Thanks Giving with us. We had a tastey meal with all the traditional turkey fixen's. Then we retired to the living room, lit a fire and spent the next 5 hours reminiscing about years gone bye. All in all a very satisfyfing day.

I took a couple of pictures and have posted them here. You can view a full size version by clicking on the smaller image.

Matt called in the evening. He and Holly are counting down to the birth of their first child (due December 14th). Matt says that he will take paternity leave starting when Holly goes into labor. Both Pat and Holly's folks plan to stay with the kids for several days after the big event. I'll stay home and baby-sit Tom the Dog while Pat's in Round Rock. I plan to fly out and visit after Pat comes back.

It's been a great 2011 -- hard to believe it's coming to a close!