Christmas Day Celebration at Jon and Pat's Home

(Posted 12/26/2010) - We had a very nice Christmas Day. Matt and Holly got back from Austin, TX Christmas Eve around 5:30PM and stayed at our place overnight. Kathy flew in from Seattle Christmas Eve morning and also stayed overnight.

Christmas morning around 10AM I drove over to my mom's place and brought her to our home. We all sat around the fireplace and enjoyed good conversation before opening our gifts. Then we sat down and had a very nice Christmas Dinner, with more good conversation.

I think everyone really enjoyed giving and receiving gifts from loved ones. The snow covered view outside the windows and relaxed conversation reminded me of similar family gatherings in the past -- very nostalgic.

Here are some pictures from our Christmas Day; you can enlarge any picture by clicking on the image. Enjoy!

(PS -- Added Sean, Anju, Aanya photos-- they visited the next day)...