Kathy Wallace Feature Article Published in Seattle's Dlist Magazine

(Posted 7/1/2007) - Kathy has found her way into print again as a featured columnist in the June publication of Seattle's Dlist Magazine.

Her two page reflection on the trendy "energy drink" known as Red Bull and its lifestyle implications are worth a read!

The online version of the magazine uses a "flip page" Web 2.0 style which is increasingly popular. Unfortunately, the Flash Player implementation doesn't allow font-scaling, so the average reader will be squinting to read the article online.

I screen-grabbed the magazine index page (where Kathy is credited) and also her two page article. The links are Here and Here . The font is just about half the size needed for screen viewing -- though it views well in higher resolution print-copy.

In talking with Kathy I also found out that she is doing some content editing for the magazine's publishers. Note that this is not layout editing; her role is to maintain the quality of the prose submitted by a widely varying community of contributors. She says she loves the job, even though it doesn't pay the rent! For that she looks to bar tending and to dance choreography work at the clubs (Cowgirls and Venom). Her day-jobs are really 9-3AM jobs, but you get the idea.

I think Kathy is keeping her writing skills honed and is building a resume of contributions that will ultimately pay real dividends as a career if she so chooses.

Post-Script: Kathy has a featured article in the July-August Issue as well, where she discusses proper bar etiquette (from the bartender's point of view). Here's the Issue Index Page, and here are the links to the first two pages , and the next two pages of the feature article. Way to go Kat!