Kathy Wallace - Living and Working in Seattle Washington

(posted 12/17/2004) - Kathy has taken a job working for an AFL-CIO/PAC in Seattle, doing both clerical and field canvassing work for the organization. She moved to Seattle, with two friends in November; and finds the city very much to her liking.

Kathy fell in love with the Seattle rave-scene when she visited the city over the summer. She decided to move to Seattle with two friends who share her strong interest in rave-style dancing (jungle, break, pop-lock, etc), and who are also very much interested in music production of the rap-jungle genre.

Kathy has worked for the last month for an AFL-CIO Seattle area Political Action Committee. She works an 8-hour day, often splitting her time doing office clerical and canvassing AFL-CIO members to gather member input and to share PAC objectives with members.

Recently, she has also begun waiting tables at a local Moroccan Restaurant. This unusual restaurant requires her to bring a silver wash bowl with towels to patron's tables before and after their meals. Apparently, eating utensils are eschewed in favor of digits by Morrocans. Kat finds it a new and interesting experience.

Kat's Christmas wish list consisted of one item this year: A stylish all-weather (meaning rain resistant) coat that would get her through the wet winter in Seattle. Santa came through and the gift was delivered from a retailer in Toronto last week. Merry Christmas, Ho-Ho-Ho.