Pat and I Are Getting Covid Booster and Flu Shots

(posted 10/18/2021) - Pat and I both have had mild colds this fall which delayed our getting Covid19 Booster and Flu shots. We should be going in to the local Walgreen's before the end of this month for vaccinations.

Speaking of Covid19 I've included a PDF link to a large survey in the US by KFF (Kaiser Family Foundation) that shows that lack of health insurance is the strongest predictor of non-vaccination.

The survey is ongoing (a monitor of sorts). This report is for September 2021. In particular look at Figure 2 and note that the cohort that is least vaccinated are those that report they have no health insurance. Though of course that cohort includes some of the other low-vax cohorts in the list too. But it may be causitive in a society that doesn't provide universal healthcare. Many folks just don't have regular medical interactions as part of their lives.

The pdf link is here.

PS 10/23 - Well vax got delayed as Pat was in hospital for 5 days with COPD flare-up that pushed her CO2 up and her O2 down. After a course of anti-inflammatory steroids and anti-biotics she is back home. Appears that she will need to take a daily broncho-dialator from here on out to suppress inflammation which in turn allows her to maintain O2 levels. She is doing well and will be scheduling the FEV (flow and volume) test at her pulmonologist soon to baseline her COPD impairment. We've got the flue shots -- will get the CV19 booster as soon as possible.

PPS -- got our Moderna booster on Pat's birthday (the 5th) at the local CVS. No waiting, quick and easy.