Site Engineering / Surveying Begins

March 19, 2008 - Yesterday we authorized Civil Engineering Services (CES), Inc to begin surveying the existing property in preparation for demolition and subsequent construction. The surveyor arrived this morning bright and early and is still working the first Phase of the contract.

Since one of the purposes of this journal is to share with other prospective Glen Ellyn home builders the particulars of our project, I've included the bid, work description, schedule, and rate table information.

Be aware that some of the fees (Tree Preservation, Foundation Spot Survey, Building Height Certification, and Demolition Plan) are Village specific oversight requirements. Glen Ellyn appears to be actively moderating tear-down / rebuild projects and that involvement isn't cheap.

To view a copy of the CES Bid, which lists the services to be performed click here .

To view the schedule for these activities (phases) click here .

The actual costs per phase activity and hourly rate schedules are Here , and Here .

We are still waiting for the excavation and electrical bids. Not sure why they are taking so long. When we meet with Vic we will try and get a handle on why they haven't yet been submitted.

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