Design Drawings are Complete

February 2008 - Vic, Pat, and myself meet with architect Tim Nelson to finalize on Design Drawings.

We have a house that we can build and that we've fallen in love with. Here are the completed design drawings (I haven't included images of the basement and electrical markup drawings here).

Please allow for the image parallax - any keystoning is due to the photography angle.

Last Revisions to Drawings before Acceptance:

If you haven't already sent updated dimensioned drawings to Vic, Pat and I made a few minor electrical outlet / switch adjustments we'd like to get documented on the drawings. Here's the info:

(1) Basement : as we agreed the elecrical service box will move down the south-wall; the large basement window will move into the bedroom space and the smaller basement window will take it's old position.

(2) Even though the basement is unfinished -- we would like to drop a single junction box / outlet on the south central foundation wall for our use in the basement.

(3) Not sure how you represent this on the electrical drawing, but I'd like to be able to manually switch my sump-pump power between electrical service and my generator. The generator will sit inside the garage so I need a single outlet in the garage (adjacent to laundry wall) which is not connected to elecrical services, and which runs to a switch in the basement allowing me to select either the generator or elecrical service to power the pump.

(4) Main Floor: As we agreed, front door will open to the right. We'd like the switches shown on the drawing by the door to move to the staircase side.

(5) For an elecrical clothe's drier we'll need a 220 outlet in the Laundry.

(6) We would like to add a third switch for the kitchen overhead light on the south facing Pantry wall so someone coming from the dining room can light the kitchen area before entering. That would require 4-way switches for that fixture.

(7) Upstairs: In Bedroom #3 we couldn't think of a reason for the outlet shown just inside the door on the closet corner -- should it be eliminated from the drawing?

(8) Along the east-west running balcony rail-wall we'd like to add an outlet so that the one centered becomes two equi-spaced.

(9) We would like an outlet on the south-wall of the Loft near the corner with the Hall Bath.

Could you let us know when Vic gets the dimensioned drawings so we can keep in sync with his sub-contractor bidding activities? Thanks!

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