We Review Design Drawings

January 25th 2008 - We drive to Geneva to view the first renderings of our design by architect Tim Nelson.

Here's a copy of the email I sent to Vic Fiala after our review of the drawings. It gives a good idea of the typical give-take that goes on as the architect works with the client to fine-tune the design.

Hi Vic (here's a copy of notes I took yesterday):

We visited the architect today and went over his first rendition of our custom drawings based on our meeting of the 14th. Tim decided to change the roof pitch from 7/12 (my drawings) to 6/12 so that he could fit one more row of 12" panes of glass across the front of the house. That's a 3 degree flatter roof. It reduces the house height from 30' to 28' 6" which is probably good from our neighbor's perspective (they have 19' roof heights).

We decided on a different upstairs family-bath arrangement too. The 2nd floor plan shows the shared bath with private entries from each of the family bedrooms but sacrifices 7" of length from the master bedroom.

We decided to eliminate the private bath entries and move the middle family bedroom door below the bath and extend the master bedroom and bath westward by 7" (shrinking the length of the middle bedroom by 7").

The front family bedroom door is then also moved to the bottom of the hall -- so the two bedroom doors and the bathroom door are on 3-corners (pretty private, I think).

We moved the door from the masterbath closet so that it was inset into the diagonal facing portion of the walk-in closet. Otherwise we would have suffered the dreaded interfering-door syndrome, where you have to open and close one door before you can open another.

We agreed that we'll be going with double 8'x8' garage doors, even though with 6" trim it reduces garage front lap-siding area; because we really need to be able to open and close our respective sides of of the garage independently.

Other than that we liked everything a lot. In another week Tim will have revision drawings which we'll go over with the builder to insure we haven't pushed up the cost too much with the new window sizings.

Here are photos of the front elevation and 1st / 2nd floor plans from version 1 .... Jon

Attched Drawings:

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