We Select an Architect

December 2007 - After talking with Vic Fiala who will be our McMasters general contractor for the project we decide that we will commission an architect to render our drawings to blueprint form to prepare for getting subcontractor bids and for applying for village permits in March.

McMasters recommends we not purchase a separate policy for 'design liability insurance' since they have indemnity insurance in place that covers design and workmanship repair. Architect insurance policies make sense if you are doing commercial construction where there could be personal injury suits if there are design failures. We decide to save $2000 in insurance premiums, since we seriously doubt our little home will fall in around our ears in our lifetimes because of poor engineering.

We select a young architect that has done a number of McMasters Custom Home designs over the last several years, Tim Nelson of Geneva, Illinois. We email him our designs and await his comments.

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