We've Passed Final Inspection - Now Have Temporary Occupancy Permit

January 17th, 2009 - The foyer, dining room, and loft outlets were modified to pull a neutral wire back to the panel box in the basement so the combination AFCI's there could be tripped by both line faults and outlet connected device arc faults. The inspector actually came out twice before we got everything 'kosher.'

We now have our Single Family Residence (SFR) house inspection sticker and we went down to the village planning department and got our temporary occupancy permit (good for 6-months). We have some touch-ups to our north-side grading to be done when the weather warms up before we can apply to the village for return of our deposits and permanent occupancy status.

Now that we've got furniture on the first floor I thought it would be worth posting some 'finished' pictures. We've still got a small punch-list of things to be touched up -- but the house is looking pretty good (certainly livable) now.

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