Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC Complete -- Back Out Punch List Prepared

Jan 2nd, 2009 - The house is looking pretty good. The carpets are in and look great. The electricians have finished ... all lights, switches, and services are wired up and working. The plumber installed the bath, kitchen, and laundry fixtures and trim pieces, and fired up the water heater. The Heating and Ventilation guy installed the air-conditioner condenser and humidifier.

We have prepared the official punch list of things that remain to be done before we can move in. We are racing to the finish line!

Problems related to inspection:

  • Fire Safety/Water Pressure Gauge (Basement) broken.
  • Fire Safety/missing 1 sprinkler head in basement.
  • Window in basement (north wall) to be replaced.
  • Fill steel beam notches (north wall).
  • Repair acrylic in master bath shower (also check whirlpool and hall bath).
  • Back porch step plus additional pickets required.
  • Drywall required over steel support in garage north wall.
  • Drywall/nail head repairs in hall bath.
  • Garage soffit openings for can lights too big, must be sealed.
  • Gaps show around sprinkler head in Family Room (and others).
  • Screen tear in Family Room sliding door.
  • Key does not work in Family Room sliding door (Glenn-Beatty).
  • Air return ducts misaligned in Dining Room.
  • Gap around air return duct cover in Foyer (add tile and/or grout?).
  • Use Grout line to transition between tile and wood floors (foyer/kitchen).
  • Cover needed for air return in basement (duct on east side of furnace).
  • Missing outlet cover in Hall bath.
  • Replace 2 white outlet covers on fireplace upper panel.
  • Touch up required on fireplace upper panel. (Try pen?)
  • Finish marred/repair required on east side of island cabinet.
  • Caulk all vanity side splashes.
  • Install remaining cabinet toe-kick and crown (in laundry only).
  • Install shoe trim.
  • Trade out brass front door hinges for brushed nickel.
  • Review timing for painting front door and garage trim plus staining cedar porches.
  • Pull tabs on smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Caulk line on bottom stair. (?Before/after paint touchup?)
  • Caulk Baseboards/mapboards on basement stairs.
  • Cover ledge (complete handrail) on basement stairs (similar to upstairs).
  • Two concrete-reinforcement-rod leaks in south wall of basement next to ejection pump (showed water marks).
  • Possible crack in south wall of basement next to ejection pump (no sign of water).
Also to be done prior to inspection (?or move-in?):
  • Open/close all windows.
  • Test all electric outlets.
  • Clean windows.
  • Clean/dust all surfaces.
  • Install/test appliances.
  • Paint & drywall touch-ups/trim paint completion (shoe etc). Jon & Pat to mark spots for attention by agreed upon date.

Other items:

  • Check Chicago Title, Naperville—will they file mortgage & note for us? (Vic)
  • Schedule Phone and Cable installations. (Pat)

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