Oak Floors Stained, Inside Wood Trim Completed

December 21st, 2008 - The painting (except backout touchup) is complete inside. The cabinet tops are all in place (kitchen, laundry, and bathrooms). The wood trim is complete inside, and the oak floors have been stained.

The stair side-boards, railings, and finished steps are in place and painted -- waiting for carpet on the 22nd.

This coming week should see electricians do their backout work and final hook-ups to the basement mechanicals (furnace, water-heater, humidifier, and air-conditioner condensor).

The plumbing crew will set fixtures, and bathroom trim this week.

The mirrors were installed Saturday the 20th. The HVAC crew will install the outside condenser unit this week if weather permits (it is -7 degrees right now).

We are getting close to having a home we can move into -- however, the house inspection will likely take place early January rather than end of December based on the number of things still remaining to be done.

We also have to get a basement escape window set in its frame and a steel beam arc-weld job done before we can pass inspection.

Here are some recent photos:

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