We're Getting Closer to Completion

November 15th, 2008 - Things are moving ahead. The siding is mostly installed (the siding crew is like molasses, but only a few points remain to be done). The driveway was poured on the 6th; the public and private sidewalks, and entrance were done on the 1st.

The garage doors and openers were installed on the 3rd. The house has been furnace heated since the end of October.

The red oak wood floors were installed (not yet stained and poly-urathaned) on the 5th. The tile was laid over two days (the 7th and 8th). The wall tile for the baths was done over the 13th and 14th.

The cabinets and vanities were unpacked and set over the 11th - 13th.

We are currently making arrangements for the final grading of the lot to be done (including dry-well work: Yes it is still not done!) We basically ran out of time and had to move up the concrete and asphalt work to insure we got it done before the season got too cold. So, we locked out the dry-well excavator while that work was done. Now, we are trying to combine the final grade work, which includes bringing in about 60 tons of black dirt, with digging that damn dry-well and connecting our sump-pump and south downspout drains into said well.

Here are photos of the house inside and out as of today.

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