Rough-in Plumbing Complete

September 8th, 2008 - The plumbers and heating ventilation crews worked all last week to get the house plumbed and ducted.

We passed the basement plumbing inspection -- so now the concrete crew can return to pour the basement slab, the porches, and the garage in one pass.

I took a bunch of pictures showing the 1st and 2nd floor rough-in plumbing before it all gets covered up by drywall. Who knows I may actually want to know where things are at some point in the future!

NICOR came in middle of last week and installed our gas service (with meter on the north side of the house). ComEd has provided us a contract (for over $2300) to connect 95 feet from our service box to the utility pole in the back yard. We decided to dig the trench and pull the wire from house to pole ourselves and save $600.

Things are moving along!

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