What Does Our Dream Home Look Like?

September 2007 - Jon and I pour through over a 1000 online home plan renderings to get a feel for what we like and don't like (note - 2007 websitelink was to cobshomeplans which is now defunct - closest link in 2018 is now given) Here's a good starting point for anyone wanting to search designs which include floor plans.

We begin to notice features that we like in certain homes and floor plans that fit our lifestyle better than others. We begin narrowing our searches to homes that are 36.5 feet wide because that is the maximum width we can put on our 50 x 200 foot lot according to Class III residential zoning in Glen Ellyn. There are still lots of homes to view and think about.

We decide we can afford to build a home in Glen Ellyn that is around 2100 square feet, over an 8-foot full unfinished basement. We really want that basement area for storage and because our Furnace, water heater, and sump / waste-pumps will be easily accessible and not take valuable floor space from the main level.

Jon reads up on home design and starts thinking about designing a 3-element home. One element will be a two-car garage with a bedroom above. The second element will be an open volume with dimensions of 27.5 x 16.5 x 18 feet that will enclose an entry foyer, living-room, stairs, and internal balcony. The third element will be a 37.5 x 20 foot volume at right angles that will house two-stories of living spaces.

Jon buys an inexpensive 3D CAD software package to help design the volumes with facades and roof to complete the look of the home. Here's a link to the CAD software -- there's a freeware version which Jon started with before deciding to go with the full version as the home became more complex.

After two-weeks we have a 3D rotate-able version that we can look at from all angles. We like what we see. It's time to go shopping for a builder!

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