Excavation and Foundation Footings Complete

July 4th, 2008 - We have our foundation excavated and the footings poured. The Excavator marked the cut-outs on Tuesday and completed the excavation on Wednesday.

He moved approximately 20 truck loads (at 15-18 yards/load) so our basement dig required about 300 yards of earth to be trucked from Glen Ellyn to a landfill site south of Oakbrook. The excavation cost us $14,400. It was amazing to watch the team of two accurately and efficiently move all that earth and do it to within an inch tolerance for the walls and floors.

The excavation was done by 1PM on Wednesday, and the concrete crew immediately moved in; measuring the layout area, and setting forms.

Thursday morning (the 3rd), they had all the footings formed up and the rebar in place. The village inspector showed up around 11AM, and the concrete and stone trucks we right behind him.

By 4:30 the footings had been poured, stone was in place, and the flexible drain-tile was installed and connected to the sump-pit. These guys were fast workers!

The current plan (weather permitting) is for them to return early next week and set / pour the walls and window wells.

Here are some photos taken Wednesday and Thursday when all this happened!

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