Construction Permit Issued -- Ready to Excavate

June 26th, 2008 - In order for us to begin excavation at our home site a village construction permit must be issued. On Monday this week (the 23rd) we had CES survey and stake the construction site for excavation. I picked up the permit this morning after writing another huge check. Here are the particulars:

Fees for the Construction Project:

  • Plumbing Inspection - $50
  • Construction Plan Review - $421
  • Residential Construction Permit - $1854
  • Sewer Connection Permit - $1000
  • Utilities Inspection - 50
  • Water Service Connection Permit - $800
  • City Water Meter Connection - $440
  • --------- Subtotal: $4615 ----------

Security Deposit for the Construction Project:

  • Site Restoration (Sodding and Grading) - $8345

Total monies paid the village for our construction permit was $12,960. They will hold our security deposit until an occupancy permit is issued, and an on-site inspection verifies the house and grounds meet their expectations (which includes finish grading with grass growing).

We hired Kramer Tree Specialists to do tree-root pruning on Tuesday, July 1st for $350 (as required by the village in our Tree Preservation Plan).

Right after they finished the excavater moved in his equipment and marked off the site for the dig. We now have a painted outline of our house footings on our lot.

Wednesday (July 2nd) the digging begins!

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