Demolition Complete -- The Old Homestead is History

June 18th, 2008 - Phase 1 Excavation began the demolition Wednesday, and finished hauling away the concrete foundation Thursday. I even took photos! If only I could get a new home built as fast as I can get an old one torn down! Basically 3 hours and our old home was rubble.

You can click on any of these images to get a larger view. The village requires metered water (we used about 2100 gallons) to be applied during the tear-down to control dust and keep particulates to a minimum. The site was surprisingly clean during the demolition.

Below are photos of the Wednesday tear-down in progress, followed by images from Thursday after removal of all debris and concrete.

Current follow-on scheduled activities:

  • CES surveyors stake out the new home foundation on Monday (the 23rd).
  • Pick up construction permit during week (and pay, pay, pay the village).
  • Steve's Trees does root-pruning of our neighbor's giant sugar maple roots crossing into our lot Wednesday (the 25th).
  • Silt Fencing will be installed by our GC Thursday (the 26th).
  • Phase 1 Excavations will dig the new foundation on the following Monday (the 30th).
  • Holhard Construction will set foundation footings, call in inspector and then pour foundation footings/walls Tuesday-Wednesday (the July 1-2nd).

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